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It sucks being the pretty girl's bff, no one notices you...

It sucks being the pretty girl's bff, no one notices you...

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Valencia By missvalencia Completed

A story loosely based on my life in high school. It's about how no matter how hard you try, you'll always be second best to someone, especially if your bff, is drop dead gorgeous...

ItsJustR ItsJustR Sep 13, 2015
It's only the title and I can relate so much, which is kinda sad...
MorganCoolBro77 MorganCoolBro77 Apr 07, 2015
You are creative! I love the cover and you've got great writing skills. :) I wish I could like hug you for some reason just to let you know I'm happy for you. Please continue this story! I've only read a little but it's like my best friend. :)
astrohqppy astrohqppy Nov 26, 2014
This sentence reminds me of the book DUFF (designated, ugly, fat, friend) were the girl is like the unnoticed girl in her friend group
FinkNottle FinkNottle May 17, 2014
                              I love love looove this buk
                              P.S I know ur probably tired of hearing dis bt u mi8 wanna add another chapter or smthng soon, cuz m DYING here.. :P
                              P.P.S  Sm1--ANY1 plz do read my book : Near Impossible :)
Nyaideng Nyaideng Sep 06, 2013
OMG I'm so tall. Stacey is just 5'7 and I'm 5'8 and is 12 years old
Nyaideng Nyaideng Sep 06, 2013
I'm size 12 and people think I'm so thin and I'm on of the thinnest people at my school