In Smiles Secrets Lay

In Smiles Secrets Lay

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RustedFeathers By RustedFeathers Updated Nov 20

I the dark of midnight, a strange being made itself known by trespassing into the territory of a tall slender being we all secretly fear. His much shorter brethren finds interest in  the quirks and oddities of this new dangerous family member. 



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When ur a girl but still reading .... TBH I much rather prefer reading male inserts then female ...cuz female inserts are really cliche
ItsLily1 ItsLily1 Oct 07, 2016
Well they had it coming I swear and I can't go to jail for my crimes because of the way the moon and stars form also i'm lactose intolerant to pudding, so I had to kill them. My horoscope isn't even Leo it's Virgo, so that's another reason why I can't go back-I mean to jail.
Zeltanix Zeltanix May 31, 2016
I would've gotten the old mans hand and waved at Jeff with the old dudes hand
Huh, wonder what he was doing. Probs just hanging around. Those teenagers and their breaking in to houses.
Ajmintz Ajmintz Jan 07
I inserted 4 years old 
                              I can't stop laughing at everything now.