✔ Mistakenly Mismatched [A SasuSaku Short Story]

✔ Mistakenly Mismatched [A SasuSaku Short Story]

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Writress By MistyAnnE_04 Completed



She still loves him.
Sakura Haruno still loves her ex-boyfriend, Sasuke Uchiha.

So to her surprise, one day he came knocking on her front door.

But not to say sorry and get her back that is. Much to her disappointment, Sasuke even blackmailed her to be his MatchMaker after his major break-up with Karin; the girl he replaced her with.

Will she find a girl fit for her ex? Or will love be lovelier the second time around?

Expect the unexpected.


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Sashababy09 Sashababy09 Dec 24, 2017
Just look up Sakura with her arch of hair down, then, you've seen true beauty. 
                              Like, DAMN! 
KitanaX KitanaX Dec 07, 2017
Five months? With Karin? You left three years with Sakura for that? And now you want😠...😑Sakura honey, I hope you used the whole bottle. This rat is strong.
Already read it in 2016 but I’m reading it again because it’s so good 😊
KitanaX KitanaX Dec 07, 2017
Sakura. Why is the rat not dead? Did you check the date on the bottle? I told you to keep fresh rat poison incase the rodent came back.
KitanaX KitanaX Dec 07, 2017
There's no backing down now...how long does it take to kill a rat with rat poison anyway?
KitanaX KitanaX Dec 07, 2017
Yep. Stir it in there. Honey. Don't worry or feel guilty. It's poison meant for rats. So it's not murder. ☺