Please Save Me? (GirlxGirl)

Please Save Me? (GirlxGirl)

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Lillian is a 17, sad and depressed, girl. Who has lived with her abusive Aunt since she was seven. After her parents died in a car accident, Lillian's Aunt has abused her. She abuses her physically and verbally. She is also bullied at school, so she has gone mute.

Grace is a 16, happy go lucky, girl. She lives with her single mother, Chris, and her sister, Clemintine. Graces father dies when she was 12. She is quite a happy child, for what has happened.

What happens when these two meet? Then, let's add in some more characters, lots of drama, some abusive things, and BOOM! You get Please Save Me?

I hope you like this story, and hope it sounds interesting. Thank you for reading the beginning of Please Save Me? Oh! And this will be a girl on girl and boy on boy kind of book. So if you are homophobic, please. leave. Like now, and don't leave hatful comments. I already warned you.

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Ally_HillZ Ally_HillZ Nov 26, 2017
“Drenched in sweat” and that’s why people take morning showers
I have absolutely no merch and I'm lucky we need a uniform for school cuz I barely have clothes*shrug*
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I take a shower at 2 am, go for my run around half the city, come back at 5, shower agian, go to sleep until 6:00,and then get ready to leave around 7:15 because school starts at 7:40
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What a waste of pasta on someone who does not deserve the pasta. Hmmph