Shintsuki Sawada

Shintsuki Sawada

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♕ティアラ♕ By CallMe72 Updated Jun 07, 2015

Demi Felix, died in a pathetic accidentally. And Reborn to her Number One Favorite Anime which is Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn. Little by little she knows that she's changing the real plot. And She have a Younger Brother named Sawada Tsunayoshi. But The what will happen if she enter the Mafia in the age of 5 and live in Italy in 10 years and go back in Japan when she turn 15. What
 will happen in the supposedly the real plot? Technically it change Because The Plot is Revised because she's here, Shintsuki Sawada is here in KHR WORLD.

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Rey_FITZY Rey_FITZY Oct 15, 2017
...Jin? As in third from the left, Mr World Wide Handsome?
                               lol sorry, BTS trash here
YourLittleAngel306 YourLittleAngel306 Sep 11, 2016
well.. better take good care of him dear.. u are blessed to have a super duper mega super duper adorable otoutou name Tsu-chan...
Ama_tsuki_Myu Ama_tsuki_Myu Nov 23, 2016
How does a newborn speak and see? Muri~(no way) and how does she understand jap?
YourLittleAngel306 YourLittleAngel306 Sep 11, 2016
hahaha! she's cool! if it wasn't because of the sawada.. I would think that she's Xanxus missing sister.. the both of them knows how to speak French.. what a colorful word