In Love With Me? Nah. (Brothers Conflict Fanfiction)

In Love With Me? Nah. (Brothers Conflict Fanfiction)

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jelly bean By TheAwesomeOfOtaku Updated Aug 22, 2016

Yuki Hinata is Ema Hinata's tall sporty older sister. She is very protective of Ema. Yuki believes that no one will truly love her but her family after a massive break-up. She has closed her heart. But what happens when they move in with the Asahinas? Will she fall in love? Will she find love or will the brothers fall in love with her?

Disclaimer: I only own Yuki. I do not own the pictures or the anime itself.

A/n: I changed her appearance and the cover of the story.

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Is this haruhi? Just replace they're with these and add people after rich 😂
Tribocharge Tribocharge Jun 28, 2016
"The only thing that mattered right now was Ema" 
                              shiz, I like this character. I hope she doesn't fall in love with the wolves
fluffydoom fluffydoom Sep 19, 2016
This is so funny im dying. Like, youre getting secondhand embarassment from what youre writing and I just know your pain
Misfit_Dummy101 Misfit_Dummy101 Aug 25, 2016
How dare you make her nervous!? How dare you do this and that!? 
                              Calm down, woman 😂😂😂
KeiAniMoo KeiAniMoo Nov 03, 2016
Lol the secondhand embarrassment like I have been there way too many times I'm dying XDD
Kuroo-senpai Kuroo-senpai Feb 19, 2016
It says she had already been in  a relationship and they had a massive break up so how can that be her first kiss?