No Friends, Just Benefits.

No Friends, Just Benefits.

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Meet Jason Henderson. A 21 year old hopeless romantic. Playing with girls hearts just doesn't seem right. They're people, not toys. So how exactly does he plan on taking out his sexual frustration? 

And then there's Charlotte Ferguson: a simple 17 year old with a burning hatred for love. It's polluting the air she breathes, and she hates it. But what's Charlie going to do when her best friends expect her to get a boyfriend before her 18th birthday, which is in less than a week?

They're not friends, just there for the benefits. Can Charlie get away with having Jason as a boyfriend, and will Jason be able to not get too attached? Life's rough. 

CharlaLee CharlaLee Jul 20
5'10 is a normal height for a older person. In 6'0 at 14 that's tall
I thought you Said Jason was Sexy. Now the jeep? I'm just gonna guess that Jason's face is on painted the jeep. (Me and my weird thoughts)
What if he's secretly a woman?... or can sing the alphabet with his farts, or has only 45 more days to live😧
Omg I know that feeling 😒and the disappointed death stare 😶
Cryystalll Cryystalll Aug 31
No love needed as long as you have wifi, YouTube, Wattpad and food
This one of the many stories where they describe cars as "sexy"😂