Our little star! {Brothers Conflict}

Our little star! {Brothers Conflict}

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Kyri Loh By ironfair Updated Apr 30, 2017

Yuina Shohuka also known as Yui is a famous pop star. She has has been all over the world on tours for concerts. But when she comes back this time she has a big surprise.
"I have 13 step-brothers?!" 

When she meets her new family will she be the talkative ,open person she is on stage or will she have a different Personality then they thought?
There is a reason she acts the way she does when not on stage but that will be my little secret for now.

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lucylover20 lucylover20 Nov 14, 2017
if you erase one of the letter I it willbecome Nali but i HATE NaLi!!! NaLu is so much better!!!
MissyBlue02 MissyBlue02 Apr 04, 2016
I just realized that miwa san is like ALMOST FORTY YEARS OLD !!!!!
InsaneBookCrazedFan InsaneBookCrazedFan Nov 03, 2015
I don't want to be offensive but since when do man giggle. I thougt they only chuckle
Hikori-senpai Hikori-senpai Jun 04, 2015
Omfg! I luv it already and this so weird I was listening to that song all day and then I read this and I was just 'OMFG AWESOME!!!' And then walked into a door...... XD