Ally Snape (Harry Potter Fanfiction) Wattys 2016

Ally Snape (Harry Potter Fanfiction) Wattys 2016

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Hey, guys! I'm sorry if this story really sucks in the beginning, but oh well, it gets better towards the end, you'll see the difference. This was my first book ever on Wattpad, so that's why. I wrote this a couple days over a year, so that's why it gradually gets better towards the end. Hope you like it anyways, thanks for reading!

Start- 4-17-15        End- 4-20-16

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Thank you guys for reading my story!!!! I appreciate it! go check out my other book that Maya is writing and also, follow kittytwos and The_Amazing_FoxFire!!! and this is my book. don't copy it please!
luv ya and take care!
Tala R. <3

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So cool I was born in Houston too, but then we moved to Alaska and now we live in England. I guess I'm lucky tho I've only gone to smaller schools and there really aren't any bullies.
ablurubu_99 ablurubu_99 Nov 23, 2017
I'm also weird and quiet
                              But I have never suffered bullying, mostly because my face scared people away XD
lily3419 lily3419 Aug 21, 2016
OMG I am a bunny lover 2 and your picture is the most adorable bunny in the universe:):):)
JuggaletteBitch666 JuggaletteBitch666 Oct 03, 2016
YAY! I'm not alone 
                              I have been bullied my whole life ... in some ways I'm just like you. I agree with MajorFangirlMess, who could hate you.
calypso_atlas calypso_atlas Jun 29, 2016
nice to meet you nice person I'm weird to my friends call me weird even my best friends do I tell them I'm not weird I'm A shooting star
1D_CALM_Forever 1D_CALM_Forever Apr 16, 2015
I'm just starting to read your book and I can't wait to read more it's a good book