Private and the Captain ( Jelsa / Big 5 / Big x

Private and the Captain ( Jelsa / Big 5 / Big x

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She finally found her inner self and her courage, the will to live. That's when she, Elsa Arendelle, decided to join in the army and use her strength for greater good. It was the moment when her world started crumbling again and her insecurities were returning.

Jackson Overland the legendary Captain Jack Frost, former member of the Guardians squad, is her trainer. The harsh, cold hearted Captain isn't something that she will endure. Will he break her rebellious spirit? Jack Frost can't stand girls or someone who tells him what to do. Especially when it comes from a lower being than him which he despises.

Elsa Arendelle is a private in training with her other squad members Hiro Hamada, Hiccup Haddock and Eugene Fitzherbert. She also gets to know few girls from another squad, Rapunzel Corona, Astrid Hofferson and Merida Dunbroch.

Can Elsa prove her worthiness to her squad members, herself and most importantly to her Captain - Jack Frost?


Just few characters might be my own creation. Other ones belong to Disney and Dreamworks.

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I'm rereading this but, that song! I heard the collaboration version with Hollywood Undead! But instead of 'Castle of glass' it was 'Bullet of glass'
Technically if she was in the real US army both Elsa and Jack would be committing a crime. Enlisted and Officers are not allowed to date or have relations
olivia1298 olivia1298 Apr 24, 2016
I really really really really really really like it. Sorry. I am such a crazy person.
melantha123,you were the best!I like all your books!And your first book of 'Private and the Captain'
spearmintpint spearmintpint May 09, 2016
Alright I'm finally going to read this book I had this in my library for a year. Now I'm excited!
MatthewMcMaster MatthewMcMaster Mar 30, 2016
This is for all not just that part but the others must not be good soldiers because I would know I was in the the South African army when it was good meaning the times when blacks were opressed.