Lights, Camera, Love! (USUK AU)

Lights, Camera, Love! (USUK AU)

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Im&Em By niconicohell Updated Nov 10

Lights, Camera, Love! 

Alfred is a big-time celebrity, loved and hated by all. He should be enjoying his life, I mean, who wouldn't enjoy a luxurious life filled with money anytime and anywhere, beautiful women with legs that spread like butter just for you, and an easy life with no paperwork needed? But instead, he pretty much hates it. All this American's looking for is fun, freedom-- and perhaps a little bit of love.

Little did he know he would get all those from just a press... One with huge eyebrows to be exact.

I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters I feature in this. All rights belong to Hima-papa aka Hidekaz Himaruya <3
Cover belongs to its rightful owner though I'm the editor.
This is my first USUK fanfiction so please review it! Thank you and enjoy the story! ^w^~

I really hate bosses like that! But there always needs to be a person that I just want to drop dead so.....yeah
ashfabwin ashfabwin Oct 02
MarccoBodtt MarccoBodtt Nov 15
How can someone so little be so feisty, it sounds a lot like me ;;;
GlitchyPix GlitchyPix Oct 19
That's horrible boss mentality, he's literally your best press employee
Your accent may be thick, but nothing is thicker than your eyebrows. *puts on sunglasses* *walks away as big explosion happens behind me*
I wanna have a baton with Britain's face on it tho, that's where my mind goes