My Big Bad Alpha (boyxboy)

My Big Bad Alpha (boyxboy)

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hurray543 By hurray543 Updated Sep 20, 2016

Cody - a boy who is constantly being used as his fathers punching bag. A boy who constantly watches over his younger sister in an effort to protect her from their drunk father. A boy
Who was rejected by all his friends because he was gay.

Xavier - a boy that is in the popular group, he has a girlfriend who's a cheerleader he's known for his good looks. A boy who's also a werewolf and an alpha to boot. His life was going to be perfect until on his 18th birthday he found his mate and realised that he was gay. 

When these two are mixed together chaos is basically around the corner.
(I suck at intro thingys could you please just read the book)

  • abused
  • adorable
  • alpha
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  • boyxboy
  • depressed
  • gay
  • highschool
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imsosingleithurts imsosingleithurts Sep 08, 2017
okay but your father abuses you mentally and verbally aswell as you have a little sister to take carr of BUT you still have the time and the money to buy fandom t shirts? wow
IStoleTheirTears IStoleTheirTears Dec 07, 2017
Nice parenting skills! But I would be like (to my future brats xD), "Okay you can swear if I'm not around you. But you won't be able to since I'll be there by your side always like a cockroach."
Nathan1055 Nathan1055 Dec 27, 2017
How old is this child
                              Here I was thinking we had a cinnamon roll to cherish and protect but no...
CreamyPie888 CreamyPie888 Jan 10, 2017
Um didn't you get boiling water spilled all over you thighs the other day...?
weirdofreakish weirdofreakish Feb 16, 2016
Sorry or pointing this out but he can't defend himself from his dad but kicks asś at school?