Sarcasm (cake mpreg )

Sarcasm (cake mpreg )

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The popular Luke Hemmings is a sassy person. Always dripping with sarcasm. And one day the new kid arrives. Luke wants to make him his. And he does.
But theres a twist to it.
a baby.


where calum get luke pregnant.

Breaking people's arms is fun, but only if they're assholes and deserve it.
Hahaha I walk through my school shirtless all the time same Cal
IfYouLovMeLetMeGo IfYouLovMeLetMeGo Aug 14, 2016
Omg I have this crush on a boy named Chance so I'm imagining him as the bully but Chance definitely can't beat anyone up😂😂nobodys even scared of him😂😂😂