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What's worse than love? (Vkook) ✔

What's worse than love? (Vkook) ✔

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~`, bungee gum `,~ By saywhatYOUWANNASAY55 Completed

Jungkook moves to a new town with his dad and tries to heal from a heartbreak. He moves in with his to-be stepfather and to-be stepbrother. Then he meets Taehyung who has done nothing, but to cause him physical pain just because he doesn't like transferees, stupid isn't it? He encounters new people and new relationships. He'll also encounter a person from the past, much to his displeasure.

(Cr. To owner of pic)

Wait his dad is gay too? Wow, really no one is straight in fanfics are they
It's really jamp-caked in there....Who doesn't love Jampcakes?
Mr. Shin Woo:
                              Best decision. Put the new student next to someone who caused trouble to them in under 30 seconds that they entered the classroom. I'm so smart. Why aren't I ruling the world yet? Ten points to Mr. Shin Woo.
Shower booth strange choice of wording like tanning booth lol no hate though hehe
When I went on a ferris wheel I hoped it would go down faster but nope
I thought it said third floor and I was like "omfg they're rich??"