Secret Love Affair | Les Twins BoyxBoy  ☑️

Secret Love Affair | Les Twins BoyxBoy ☑️

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Feelings that have been hidden for months on end are finally revealed between Larry and Laurent which results in the relationship they believed they could only dream about. One twin is ready to shout this love to the rooftops due to feeling forced to leave it in for so long...but the other is reluctant causing tension between them at first. When they're finally in agreement for keeping their romance a secret something happens that shakes their world and can ultimately become a threat to the brand they've spent years building. Will their love survive? Will their careers survive? Read it to find out! Enjoy! :)

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XxDarkThugPrincexX XxDarkThugPrincexX May 08, 2017
😢this is beautiful, and everything that's happening with Larry and Laurent right now on Instagram, it breaks my heart even more💔
XxDarkThugPrincexX XxDarkThugPrincexX May 08, 2017
Laurent must be experienced to know it'll hurt the first time - I wonder if he fingers himself😂🔥💯
shesdifficult shesdifficult Oct 23, 2017
..........Lau I swear if you call him out his name I'll break every bone in your
cravelestwins cravelestwins May 28, 2017
What's going on..? Where is Larry.. Why Lau is sooo damn sad.😢
Larrlaufan4life Larrlaufan4life Oct 19, 2017
This is quite a quandary for them both. This is a really good story- line.
BookBugM BookBugM Sep 24, 2017
I have to wonder what the majority of their fans would say if it were a reality? 🤔 Hmm. I mean, those of us reading this wouldn't be upset I don't think, but what about everyone else? 😯