Harry Potter's Twin Sister

Harry Potter's Twin Sister

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Separated at birth when she fell out of the crib and crawled away, out of her destroyed house, Lila is reunited with Harry in their third year, by Dumbledore, finally locating her. She had lived her whole life with Madame Maxine who received Lila when she was just a baby from a friend who had found her in Godrics Hollow. She was raised a Veela, but struggled to be lady like. Dumbledore transfers her over too Hogwarts and Lila and Harry are closer than anyone would have suspected. Being away from them for thirteen years.

She's so much like her brother, black, smooth hair and even has the same exact scar in the same exact place. They were so much alike that she even had Lily's heart and James troublemaking.

A whole lot of mischief awaits them in their third year!

Big Thanks to J.K Rowling who wrote the most awesome books ever!

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I would have thought that Harry and her would catch up on each other's entire life XD
xXBeBubbyXx xXBeBubbyXx Jul 01
If there's two twins, one boy and one girl (take Harry and Lila as an example) and lets say Draco liked Lila, would that mean that there's a chance he'd also like Harry since they look exactly the same?
I know you probably already have a million comments on this, but it's Lovegiid
In the book Padmas a ravenclaw but in the movie shes gryffindor
I think it is mean of Madame Maxime to have her be a Maxime. She might not always remember she is a Potter.
Adding onto the last comment, Dumbledore also apparated in Hogwarts in the Half-Blood Prince.