Alpha Luke

Alpha Luke

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[First Installment of "The Prophecy" Series]

"You'll regret the day you ever met me, wench!", his voice laced with venom as he basically spat the words at me just like I had done with his flesh.

How could someone I once loved ever do this to me?

His harsh words cut me deep.

But nothing, I mean nothing could ever make me give this up.

Not even the man I once called 'Mine'.

"As shall you", I breathed inaudibly.

Lexi Thompson is an ordinary wolf according to her own standards.

She bares something special along with her dark and deadly past which threatens to not only destroy her so called dream castles...
But her as well.

Will she be able to defeat her demons?

Disclaimer: This book contains mature content as well as foul language. 
Read with caution.

Copyright © 2016 JoCharlyta

JoCharlyta JoCharlyta Nov 01
Once finish with the book, I plan to "renovate" and "renew" it. 
                              As I write and evolve if you wanna call it that I go back to previous chapters on a daily basis and find flaws every single time. 
                              So yes, I agree with you and thank you for this comment.
                              I'll definitely keep it in mind!
madeofkay madeofkay Oct 13
That's like a bit bigger than the whole state of Delaware 😂😂😂
This part alone makes me want to read more! You sound like such a good writer.
I wish the main female protagonist had my's hardly ever in the books
If I may, it would be better if you had your main character summarize what he told instead. It's very awkward to read it like this.
^^ I have a weird Hispanic name, and I've read a million books. Ive never seen my name in a book, only this one time and it was the maid's daughter