BTS Imagines

BTS Imagines

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jiminsbum By jiminsbum Updated Feb 08, 2016

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I watched as he ran across the fields, laughing with his friends. My hands shook as I gripped the red parcel. I can do this!

Walking slowly towards him, I wondered what the consequences I would need to face doing this.

Smiling, he turned to face me. Staring back at his bright shining eyes, my heart started to beat faster. "" *THUD
I blacked out.

I sat up.
Dazed, I looked around at my surroundings. Where am I? The door opened.
"Hi! Are you feeling any better? I scolded the soccer team already." 
My cheeks burned. "J-Jimin?"
Chuckling, he took out a familiar looking box from behind his back. "You dropped this when you blacked out." 

Scrambling out of the bed, I quickly snatched the box out of his hands. Did he look inside? "Isn't that supposed to be for me?" he asked. Oh no! He looked! I felt my face burn. Nodding, I shoved the box back into his hands and ran out of the room.

YES! Whenever you want. I am ready (No, I'm not XD I will have a heart attack during the date, but...oh well...)
- - Feb 04, 2016
Screaming internally because my crush looks like jimin and loves to play soccer..... WHHY IS DIS MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A COWARD!!! 😫
Nursyaamani Nursyaamani Dec 23, 2016
So straight forward."Lets date."....Suga be like,"Dude,no!You got no swag and jams. Only Im able to do that!" XD
vhopekook111otaku vhopekook111otaku Jul 14, 2016
If I got hit by a soccer ball, I ask....why does this always happen to me in real life
YehetForLife YehetForLife Nov 30, 2016
Warlord_Eclipse Warlord_Eclipse Jan 06, 2016
But I don't want to go to the lolly section........what if there are l-l-lolicons......l-like Netherlands from hetalia?(I'm not actually that scared, especially if I do meet Netherlands)