BTS Imagines

BTS Imagines

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jiminsbum By jiminsbum Updated Feb 08, 2016

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I watched as he ran across the fields, laughing with his friends. My hands shook as I gripped the red parcel. I can do this!

Walking slowly towards him, I wondered what the consequences I would need to face doing this.

Smiling, he turned to face me. Staring back at his bright shining eyes, my heart started to beat faster. "" *THUD
I blacked out.

I sat up.
Dazed, I looked around at my surroundings. Where am I? The door opened.
"Hi! Are you feeling any better? I scolded the soccer team already." 
My cheeks burned. "J-Jimin?"
Chuckling, he took out a familiar looking box from behind his back. "You dropped this when you blacked out." 

Scrambling out of the bed, I quickly snatched the box out of his hands. Did he look inside? "Isn't that supposed to be for me?" he asked. Oh no! He looked! I felt my face burn. Nodding, I shoved the box back into his hands and ran out of the room.

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This happens to me often except they are not only soccer balls but basketballs and etc. (gym class in torture for me) and there is no hot idol to help me and be there for me. Also I don't black out I just shake it off and keep playing....
YES! Whenever you want. I am ready (No, I'm not XD I will have a heart attack during the date, but...oh well...)
- - Feb 04, 2016
Screaming internally because my crush looks like jimin and loves to play soccer..... WHHY IS DIS MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A COWARD!!! 😫
MinSugasInfires MinSugasInfires Dec 23, 2016
So straight forward."Lets date."....Suga be like,"Dude,no!You got no swag and jams. Only Im able to do that!" XD
vhopekook111otaku vhopekook111otaku Jul 14, 2016
If I got hit by a soccer ball, I ask....why does this always happen to me in real life
YehetForLife YehetForLife Nov 30, 2016