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Protecting What The Fates Brought Him

Protecting What The Fates Brought Him

132K Reads 1.8K Votes 7 Part Story
KreatureF By Miatonks Completed

"I, Weston Hayley reject you, Allison White as my mate and future beta female." He growled. 

"Weston! Please don't! I'm your mate... you can't do this to me." I sobbed to him. Tears fell from my dark eyes as a group of people circled us.

"You are not my mate."
Allison White, the omega of the Silver Crescent pack, a seventeen year old girl just waiting for her mate to pop up into her life. Allison's mother died because of child birth when her sister was born. Allison took the abuse from her father in order to protect her sister from him. The day Weston turned eighteen, Allison found out he is her mate. Disgusted by the match, Weston rejected her. Upset, and hurt from the rejection she runs away with her little sister from the pack. Only for her to cross the territory border of the strongest pack in the world. 

Keith Writer, the alpha of the Shadow Moon Pack, still hasn't found his mate after two years. What happens when his sister and best friend find her on a run and they bring her back to the pack house? Will he protect her like she needs to be? Or will he be her second rejection?

 To find the full story, look for it on Dreame.com under the same title or under my username, Miatonks.
Cover was created by callmenow!

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