Protecting What The Fates Brought Him

Protecting What The Fates Brought Him

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"I, Weston Hayley reject you, Allison White as my mate and future beta female." He growled. 

"But I'm your mate!" I sobbed to him. Tears fell as a group of people circled us.

"You were never my mate."

Allison White is the packs omega and was abused by her father. Her mother died after child birth when her little sister was born. Ally took the abuse of her father because she didn't want little Peyton to get hurt. For 17 years Ally dealt with the abuse and she can't wait until her mate comes and saves her from this life. The day after the future beta of the pack turned 18 she finds out that he is her mate. After his rejection she runs out of school to the pack house and packs everything  she owns and runs away with her little sister into the woods. The only place they feel safe. Only to cross the territory of the strongest pack.

Keith Writer is the alpha of the Shadow Moon Pack and still hasn't found his mate. 
But what happens when his sister and best friend find her on a run and they bring her back to the pack house?


       -Sequel is under construction-

-Under Editing-

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Yuesarutobi Yuesarutobi Jan 29
My response, “You have two arms and two legs for a reason! Fix your own breakfast, douchebag!!!” 😑
Arianny77 Arianny77 Mar 12
uh yeah no i’m gonna imagine Megan fox as the main character 😂 i always do she’s hot as hellll
LarsMichno LarsMichno Oct 09, 2016
le sigh, i guess i'm a hermit because i have never heard of any of those people, you may as well have cast Laurel and Hardy
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Mar 15, 2016
Why don't you get off your ugly ašs and make your own then?!
LanaMcmullin LanaMcmullin Nov 18, 2016
I just noticed that Dylan O'Brien is being used twice as two different characters
Sara_Mikaelson46 Sara_Mikaelson46 Nov 12, 2016
Raise your voice one more time. I dare you. *narrows eyes and points gun at his skull*