Creepypasta Boyfriend  Senarios

Creepypasta Boyfriend Senarios

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Kade Johnson By kailijohnson925 Completed

Title says it all! Have a relationship with your favorite creepypastas character!!!

Dazeyy- Dazeyy- Oct 16
Well it’s your story and I’m not exactly demanding anything but yeah I actually expected LJ to kill her at first sight XD
Are you sure this 'Slenderman' isn't Offender trying to act like his brother
I would be like :
                              BITCH GET BACK HERE AND GET ME A NEW CHEESE CAKE
You are an amazing writer I love this!!~ and what that user - Paffpuffs- said is bullsh¡t. I mean I get what he/she was getting at but damπ keep it to yourself if your just gonna be a tittybaby about it ya'know.....
What's help with people jumping out Windows? Damn your gonna kill yourself.
Dark hates to be called link, it should be 'dark' or 'darkness'