Different (bwwm)

Different (bwwm)

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reignbow27 By reignbow27 Updated Jun 12, 2017

Have you ever been unlike the others? 
Picked on because you like different things? Different people? 

To me it's more like different skin color.

Harmony Carter is a 14 year old black girl that always was different from the others. Most of her friends were white, she likes pop music instead of rap, she liked playing softball instead of basketball, and most importantly she liked white boys especially baseball players.

Aiden Smith is your typical 16 year old white boy. He loves to do sports, you know football, basketball, and his main sport Baseball. Aidens not to different from the rest of the guys at Kings Wood High School. The one thing that you can tell Aiden and the rest of the boys apart is that he likes black girls.

Let's face it they are going to get together but what obstacles will come their way?

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Royatt Royatt Dec 02, 2017
This is me ..I play softball..only have 1 black friend ..I like me some vanilla boys..I love all types of music but pop the best ..I’m 14..I’m black woahhh man
fyjgtu fyjgtu Jun 04
this is so me but i dont really like softball, baseball, or basketball
nekosmfh nekosmfh Apr 15
This is kinda me but the only difference is that...
                              - I'm into rap, grime and trap
                              - I'm 15
                              - And I like playing both softball and basketball ^°^
iCraveTheHate iCraveTheHate May 04, 2016
Hell I like white boys too, mainly the famous ones I'll never get... #Single4Life 😭💔
ManiBabbyyy09 ManiBabbyyy09 Jan 30, 2017
I mean....not all black people like rap other races like rap too🙂🙂 just saying
natureotaku natureotaku Jun 28, 2016
I'm srry but I like EVERY race. When I say EVERY I mean EVERY.