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I MARRIED THE ASSHOLE (boyxboy) ✅ #wattys2017

I MARRIED THE ASSHOLE (boyxboy) ✅ #wattys2017

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Cynthia Espinoza By letthembefree1993 Completed

BOOK 1 IN THE 'I MARRIED..' series
  I looked up at the star filled sky and let the tears that I've been holding fall. Never have I ever imagined my life to turn out the way that it did. Three months ago I was an ordinary 21 year old kid who had his life whole planned out. I wanted to be a one of the best book authors in the country. Three months ago my life was flipped upside down by the one and only Ravance leader, Zeke Robertson. I was one of those people who never thought that I would ever be forced to do something that I never wanted nor did I wish for anyone. My life changed in the blink of an eye when my father, Landon Jacobson, was killed leaving a letter behind. All it said was that I was to wait for my 21st birthday to come and to drop out of college once my birthday came. Everything came crushing down at me the day of my birthday. I was walking home from work when out of nowhere, two men came up from behind me and grabbed me and forced me inside a black audi rs7 with me kicking and screaming for them to let go but all they did was throw me inside as if I was nothing.
  "What the hell?"I yelled when they got in the front seats and drove off. They said nothing which infuriated me to no end.
  "We got him sir, we'll be at the house in 10"the driver said into phone piece 
  "Got it sir"he replied.
  "Where are you taking me?"I asked
  "You'll find out soon enough"the passenger replied without looking at me. 
  "C'mon kid, the boss wants to see you" he said, his voice was thick. He had an accent of some sort. He didn't wait for my reply as he grabbed my arm and pulled me with him after the other guy. I was about to protest when a voice said 
  "I got it from here Tony"
  "Yes sir"
  "Who the are you?"I asked glaring at the man in front of me
  "Zeke Robertson, your husband"
  Based of on the book I'm Married to Who By YAOICHIBI.

I guess you'll do?!?!? How rude! Too bad that man don't ring his neck!
pinktsunamis pinktsunamis May 07, 2016
Wasn't he in that thing with demi lovato on disney channel ......... Questions?
If you guys like this book so much read the original story that the writer of this story based the book off of @yaoiChibi called, "I'm Married To Who?!".
Haru_767 Haru_767 Jan 20
So he's a kid...who has a child?  Not really ordinary, just common 😂
sweettmg sweettmg Feb 23
Good so far , though some of the comments on here is telling me that if i do write a book like i was thinking i should be prepared to tell some people to f off
Haru_767 Haru_767 Jan 20
Ashton from I married my bestfriend? Wait is this the same character?
                     this even the same author? 😂 I need to check