Hetalia x  Child!Reader x 2p(Intro)

Hetalia x Child!Reader x 2p(Intro)

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shadowphantomhive By shadowphantomhive Updated Jul 10, 2015

Adopted by a country

I read old... *cat/screaming noises since my laugh is far from normal*
Hey, nice ta see ya too m8! ^^ *plays dense and pushes her too as a sign of "greeting"*
Wait... NOO!!! MY RUSSIA PLUSHIE MIGHT CURSE THIS PLACE IF I LEFT HIM!!! *runs back to room and shoves "Vil" to the side* It's okay... I'll never leave you here... *pats Russia plushie like a creep*
hockey...or in other's opinions hitting people with a hockey stick
Ya-oi_chan Ya-oi_chan Apr 25
Why couldn't it be the Princess and the 'Frog'? If France would be my prince?
FTcats FTcats May 22
Trunchbull is from Matilda, written by Roald Dahl, and Matilda is one of the best books I've ever read.