Hetalia x  Child!Reader x 2p(Intro)

Hetalia x Child!Reader x 2p(Intro)

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shadowphantomhive By shadowphantomhive Updated Jul 10, 2015

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Kill everyone so I am the ruler of this world--- I mean bake cookies! Aahaha
That dream don't sound so bad, i love France...and I'd love to see Iggy as Cinderella.
                              I shall draw that later
Anyone else actually is young? XD
                              I started watching anime when I was 8 and now im 11 XD
APH_China27 APH_China27 Jul 21
MONOKUMA NOOO! How could I forget my favorite symbol of despair???
I wouldn't mind France being my Prince Charming, but I would prefer someone else... Well, beggars can't be choosers
Project diva f~
                              I gIvE hIm kAwAIi WeaBiE-wEabIE MakEoVER
                              Den We pWay bArBiE DreSs uP fAshIon ShIow.
                              rAinBow wEed