Mated To The Omega

Mated To The Omega

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ink By inkNquill Updated Sep 12, 2013

Margo Farkus hits a wolf one night on her way home from work. As a vet tech and an animal lover Margo cannot leave the wounded animal behind. So she loads the wolf into her pick up and takes him home. 

For weeks she tends to the beast and befriends the noble creature. Then one day to her utter astonishment when she goes to care for the wolf in the stall where she left him is a man. He explains that he is a werewolf and oddly enough she is his mate. The then asks her to give him a chance, the only drawback; he is the weakest of the weak. He is the omega. 

Will she accept this man for who he is or will she shun him like everyone else? Read and find out.

  • bale
  • bandage
  • barn
  • barrel
  • beast
  • blood
  • blue
  • breathe
  • chase
  • coma
  • cut
  • doctor
  • drive
  • fall
  • fear
  • fierce
  • fix
  • growl
  • harris
  • hay
  • hit
  • horse
  • hospital
  • hurt
  • injured
  • jed
  • leash
  • love
  • lungs
  • margo
  • mate
  • meet
  • music
  • muzzle
  • omega
  • pain
  • road
  • romance
  • run
  • snarl
  • stream
  • swim
  • tan
  • tears
  • trillium
  • trust
  • warm
  • water
  • whimper
  • wolf
  • wolfie
_Wolffy_ _Wolffy_ Jul 17, 2017
I swear, females in werewolf wattpad books can only make messy buns.
Chemical-X Chemical-X Aug 19, 2014
If my margo was real, i would come at the boy with a shovel bthats just sad yo!
rainbowroundthebend rainbowroundthebend Nov 11, 2013
Please update soon as possible!!!!!!! I have waited for updates for so long!!!!!! I was transfixed by your story from the first chapter. This was actually my first story on wattpad and it remains one of my absolute favorites!!!!!
Kaleigh_James Kaleigh_James Oct 25, 2013
So good. I'm only one chapter in, but if the rest is just as great, you should publish!!
lost_gringo99 lost_gringo99 Oct 01, 2013
please update as soon as you can the story is really interesting thank you for all your hard work
rainbowroundthebend rainbowroundthebend Sep 19, 2013
Please continue this story!! :) @m@z!n? (Amazing) !!!!!!!!!!