Cursed [malexmale]

Cursed [malexmale]

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[Book 15] Traitor to Atlantis. Cursed to a life of servitude. Currently serving a god of his least favorite pantheon. Anexius, now Callias, is on alert as Atlan attempts to hunt down and kill each one of the Khalian, starting with him. But Anexius isn't afraid. If anything, he looks forward to it.


[Warning: Contains explicit content and adult themes]

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i'll actually be back tomorrow. i need a fücking break man😪
iii1987 iii1987 Oct 05
the Source is getting wounded & tired by AtSHIT's wrongdoings... thus all the gears starting to rotate full circle for him.. but so does everyone else's i guess... i'm hoping he'll cease to exist in this book, or at least the next? i want settlement for everyone Q__Q (can't read fast enough)
Zoe_W_01 Zoe_W_01 Apr 27
Ok prologue and already teared up. Yep thats great, wonderful. I wonder what's to become of me when I read this? Oh well, one way to find out!! Let do this!!!✊
LeilaErin LeilaErin Apr 14
Am I ready for this? That's the important question here...
                              I think I am :)
not even half way through the chapter and I'm already in pain
jessjess11 jessjess11 Sep 01
I think I actually tryed to read this book earlier once but was confused by the characters..just finished reading the book about his brother Xenon, and woah so much sense now made