Cursed [malexmale]

Cursed [malexmale]

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Traitor to Atlantis. Cursed to a life of servitude. Currently serving a god of his least favorite pantheon. Anexius, now Callias, is on alert as Atlan attempts to hunt down and kill each one of the Khalian, starting with him. But Anexius isn't afraid. If anything, he looks forward to it.


[Warning: Contains explicit content and adult themes]

theGayArrow theGayArrow Sep 29
I'm a monster guys. 
                              Me: Apollo, come over and cradle your man
gray136 gray136 Jul 17
I literally just finished' HYBRID' and I simply haven't had enough of Hanibal's POV.  And you said that this was the next book !!!!!
I still want to ship Dexius and Anexius...Dexious may hate him, but that could change. A lot of characters seem to change in the books, so why not Dexius?
theGayArrow theGayArrow Sep 29
Oops my mistake, erase the "a" between "take" and "several".....yeah.....awkward ✌
When ur rereading and realized that Hannibal having luck might have played a huge part in everything that happens
theGayArrow theGayArrow Sep 29
I'm sorry, I just pictured him dabbing and naked with a red superman cape on in the ocean.