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"If you could kill yourself right now, would you?" I asked.  

He shook his head. "No," he said, "because suicide means that you've given up on yourself. And I'm not gonna do that."  

Isobel cut herself once, just see if it would take the pain away. When her best friend dies, her whole world comes crashing down. While reaching for a razor, she searches for her reason to live. Upon making a new friend, she learns the true value and meaning of what it means to truly be alive.

  • age
  • boy
  • bullying
  • comfort
  • coming
  • cutting
  • depression
  • friend
  • friendship
  • girl
  • growingup
  • love
  • sad
  • school
  • self-harm
  • suicidal
  • suicide
wtf this is wrong on so many levels. Not to mention this is NOT what people who self harm do
SnatchedDreamer SnatchedDreamer Jun 01, 2017
My friend and I do this but not together we just do it when it gets rough, but we do it on our hips so no one can see even when we wear swimsuits....
try_to_always_smile try_to_always_smile May 13, 2016
Very true..frnds make life wrth living..@little_broken_inside..
camoqueen2002 camoqueen2002 Feb 21, 2017
A sickening sweet, wish an extremely unhealthy gwust, but at the same time I wish I had a Jeremy now.
KevanRadcliffe KevanRadcliffe Jan 08, 2017
Would it be wrong for the ill minded to be corrupted against those who destroy the dreams and creat nightmares to scare us till we can know the truth please inbox me on ur thoughts
spongebobian spongebobian Apr 17, 2016
Honestly this is the best book I've started reading on wattpad I just want to cry rn