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Mama, We All Go To Hell

Mama, We All Go To Hell

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Not O-Fucking-Kay By kayiswritting Completed

Pete and Brendon are twins in high school. Obviously fraternal. Yes, different in looks and very different in personality. Pete Wentz is the bad boy. Rugged clothes, tattoos, Late nights and bad grades. Brendon is his total opposite. Polite, professionally dressed, perfect grades and an honest christian boy. It's no mystery who their strict religious parents favor more. But will Pete be changed for the better when an opportunity for success and love enters his life? And will Brendon change for the worst after falling for someone with a past too dark to light?

My brothers girlfriends mom trusts my 16 year old brother to drive everyone to prom over her 18 year old son so i mean
Tf i have to leave by 6.40 to get to school on time
                              AND THATS ONLY WHEN IM DRIVEN
                              When im not driven i have to be out by 6.30 so i dont miss my bus
PhanicS PhanicS May 13
oh wow everyone get hyped brendon is feeling adventurous he's wearing beige pants
jishbuns jishbuns Jun 08
I wake up at 6 am sleep till 6:30 to 7 ish get ready really slowly and leave at 7:50. I used to get up at 5:30 get dressed and go eat breakfast before enjoying my morning. Im to tired now.
MissIDC MissIDC May 21
This sounds like he was like "can't sing any songs with profanity or curse words in it so I'll just sing a crappie song from along time ago"
Jon_Walker Jon_Walker Jun 05
Um...Brendon? Is that you?
                              Also do you secretly go to my school?