Safine Dragon Academy and The Scarlett Shadow (Book One) [COMPLETED]

Safine Dragon Academy and The Scarlett Shadow (Book One) [COMPLETED]

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J. L. Alexander By Jlaicecream Updated Dec 29, 2016

Book 2 now released! 

All Alice wanted to be was normal. Well, Northsage's equivalent of normal, Dragon trainers. There are 3 schools: Safine, Zelania and Rejina. 
When Alice is accepted to Safine, the best dragon academy in the kingdom, her and 99 other 14 year olds must take part in life changing classes, courses and tasks. When a dark force threatens the dragon riding world, Alice and her friends must stop it and this time good.

#32 in Fantasy 03/11/16


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I like the winter too....  But there is no snow here ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄😓😥😰😅
shaymoon_ shaymoon_ Mar 19, 2017
have u changed it? I could've sworn the opening was different.
wiselight wiselight Jan 29
It would be ok for the kid to say where the other two are going. Imagine this as what the kid can say(i have a 3 year-old right now): a and b go to xx, you go to yy. Why?
hulloitmeh hulloitmeh May 16, 2016
the picture at the top is beautiful I might try to draw those
PoopyChocolate PoopyChocolate May 17, 2016
This one is too unique for me to reach. Nice one author. :) by the way. The three year old girl who's the leads sister enhances her brain well. Too young actually. :) looking forward for ur upcoming stories ;)
cookiecupcakes cookiecupcakes May 17, 2016
She's so smart! But isn't too much for a three year old girl to sort this kind of stuffs? I mean, for her brain, it hasn't developed that much since she is still a kid.. Okay, I don't get what I'm saying now!