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Audrey Grey-Ham By MissusDiscoStick Updated 4 years ago
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN FAN FIC!! "You had the Black Pearl. You lost the Black Pearl. You had a chance for immortality, and wonder of wonders, you’d be dead in a minute if I shot you. You have no ship, no crew, and a compass that doesn’t work. All you have in this world is your big mouth. . ." Poor Jack Sparrow. No one respects him anymore. . .and it's time he earned that respect again. Darn! I meant CAPTAIN Jack. . . As Captain Jackie boy would say, this is a tale to behold - savvy?
Wow that was unexpected to say the least.  Intriguing but definitely unexpected.  Reading on.
this is great and you really did capture the essence of cap'n sparrow quite beautifully
lol this is great! Never seen any of the movies...its on my to do list.  And without near death experiences every day, I'd have no life! Just try missing the homework with my teacher and you'll see what I mean