yik yak ✺ h.s

yik yak ✺ h.s

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"you seem to yik everything I yak."

"is that even a thing?"

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Why can't I downloaf it? It doesn't pop up in the app store, where or how could I download it?
Im kinda confused because if i remember u said u were gonna write BBF sequel "Yik yak" style does that mean its all gonna be text??
Lol everyone at my high school got in trouble for it because everyone was posting shït about people
lets take a moment to appreciate the fact that HARRY'S EYES LITERALLY SHINE & IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL
lil_caramel_angel lil_caramel_angel Dec 27, 2015
I looked at the thing at the top and he kinda looks like the boy Henry danger
AbbyBrun0xx AbbyBrun0xx Dec 10, 2015
that app is life i can bitch about anything and no one cares (-: