Puppy Eyes

Puppy Eyes

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The alpha got the call of a rouge at his territory Immediately he requested   his son,his beta and his beta's son to go with him. 

They got to the front lawn and shifted into their massive wolfs. Mind linking them they started of in the direction where some of his warriors had smelled the rouge. 

It only took them a few minutes before they finally arrived. Looking around the alpha could smell the rouge, it's smell hitting him full force,but yet he did not see anything. 

Meanwhile the little pup had gotten extremely tired and wasn't even aware of anything surrounding her. 

She stumbled down a path shaking from the cold every so often whining to call for her mother,father anyone who could help. 

Of course only being a mere 3 years of age she did not even know of the danger that might be lurking in every possible hiding spot.

She bumped into a tree - a very warm soft tree with something just as soft at the bottom - and couldn't keep the sleep away any longer.

With heavy eye lids sh...

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DestyGD DestyGD Apr 27, 2017
You should note that something weird happen to this chapter just saying.
little_one98 little_one98 Apr 04, 2016
Sink= kitchen
                              Sync= they all turned in sync 
                              Just trying to help 😅
                              P.s love your books