The Devil Within.(Peter Pan x Reader)

The Devil Within.(Peter Pan x Reader)

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Chapter 1:Me.

Hey.The name's (y/n).I'm just an ordinary girl,that lives in a town called Storrybrooke.Well..that's what you'd say by my appearance.

Actually,I'm a lot more fun than you think.Yeah,I live in Storybrooke,but my mother is Regina,or as you call her "The Evil Queen" and I have magic.Well,a bit of it.I'm still training to use it.

I'm fifteen and the last you'll see me everyday,is at my home,reading a book.Though people would like to be my friends,I never let them.Yeah,I guess I have to change a bit.

I have never met my real dad,but I'm okay with it.You all probably know Henry.He's my step-brother.His biological mom is Emma,though my mom raised him like her own child,she feels like Henry's her child.But actually I am!But me and Henry have so much memories together.I lived my whole life with magic and him.

This story will be about love,hate and a thrilling adventure.That's why I'm here.To tell you the story from the top and until the end.

My story begins in Storybrooke.I ...

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This reminds me of 13 reasons why when Hannah Baker started talking
103StoryTella 103StoryTella May 21, 2016
I love it when people write like this at the end of the intro.😃
fandxmtrashed fandxmtrashed May 22, 2016
                              UHHHH I DUN WANT TO BE WENDY
                              HOW DO I HAVE MAGIC
Proanime1234-56 Proanime1234-56 May 20, 2016
Of course because if I force this child, the evil queen will poison me
XxXbreeXxXX XxXbreeXxXX Dec 21, 2015
Henry is now her step brother but her adopted bother a step brother is some one who is the child of a man or woman who Marty's your parent who was already married but got divorced a adopted sibling is some who is adopted by your parents or said parent