Minecraft Youtubers x Reader

Minecraft Youtubers x Reader

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Glacie the Hybrid By Glacie_FoxHybrid Updated Apr 11

Well my mind is asking me to do this.

Welcome to my book I hope you liked it!
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This Includes my favorite youtubers:

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Hey.....jin.......sorry but ya in preson..........sorry.........
Name: Ski 
                              Hair color: Long brown 
                              bf name: Tommy (I don't have one so I made a fake name! Well it's not fake but U know)
amelia0277 amelia0277 Jun 28, 2016
If your taking requests can you plz do Carflo x reader
                              Plz you don't have to if you don't want to
                              But if you can it would make my day (*^-^*)
Peacechandesu24 Peacechandesu24 Dec 28, 2016
Why with the bet?? First chapter for X reader and we are already starting with bets??
ThatOneMysteriousSor ThatOneMysteriousSor Aug 01, 2016
                              Black , light purple , purple and light blue
                              Mitch ( NOT THE. BAJANCANDAIDAN )
Ender_Aftertale Ender_Aftertale Sep 19, 2016
                              Blood red (don't judge)
                              Dirty blonde
                              Jason (a dude I hate)