Dan and Phil Imagines

Dan and Phil Imagines

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Reanne1762 By Reanne1762 Completed

Im stood here in my shorts, my dan and phil top in Disneyworld and ive lost my only friend in the rush of the crowd, great, the reason I came to Disneyworld was to get away from all the bullying since leaving school, I got the best grades but people hated me for my personality, they said I was different and that I don't deserve someone to ever love me....I have Dan and Phil though, they keep me going, but at the moment, my holiday of relaxation was becoming a nightmare, this isn't the first time shes gone missing...

I was running frantically around, shouting at the top of my voice, the voices drowned everything out, it is too busy, and im claustrophobic, that not helping me calm down 

Tears streamed down my face, little kids looked at me like I was an alien, even little kids seem to hate me

No one cares if im ok, they wont help... my head was spinning, I wasn't looking where I was going and I ended up tripping over someone and landing straight on top of them .... with a thud as well...

Hogwartsgirlxx Hogwartsgirlxx Apr 22, 2016
I have awful claustrophobia- I've been trying to get over it by going into the smallest of gaps! It's the worst but I really wanna get rid of it...
                              People are so judgmental about us claustrophobes
That1Loner That1Loner Aug 27, 2016
Dan would never chase Cinderella. He's looking for Hogwarts, just like me.
I'd honestly be the friend that lost her and I'm sitting at a bench waiting for her to find me😂
TurnTechQueerKing TurnTechQueerKing Aug 21, 2016
Oh I'm Dan in this imagine going to chase Cinderella finding the friend and standing there awkwardly while people kiss...
666marshall666 666marshall666 Jan 12, 2016
Everything turned out to be AMAZINGPHIL, oh just me, okay that makes sense....
Fangirl717 Fangirl717 Dec 20, 2015
*pulls out scissors and starts to cut the air* yeah totally! P.s my friend wants some of your hair