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Home (UnEdited)

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woogie1219 By woogie1219 Updated May 16, 2017

"I always wondered what would have happened if I hadn't went to the skating rink.Im glad i dont have to find out.I made a promise to hold onto that one guy thats makes me lose my mind and fall in love with him all over again each day.Avery Williams ill always keep you in my heart .You've been my backbone and main support system.We've been through ups and downs and I can honestly say I love you. After 10 years of being together, everything we've been through I feel that comfort.They say home is where the heart is , well you got mine so I know I'm HOME",she recited her vows to her almost husband. 

"You got me looking like a punk " he was crying,her beauty matched her heart.Everyone sat in the pews in awe,knowing they were each others perfect match.

  It took time but Avery and Crystal got exactly where they needed to be.Lets say its easier said than done.But without the rough patches and good times how are they suppose to know what HOME feels like?

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_wicked_love _wicked_love Jan 24, 2016
I sense he may be from NOLA???? Love love love their accents
chaterboxxx chaterboxxx Aug 23, 2015
im 5'1 n i wont dare date past 6'3 but 6'7/6'8? thats shaq n his ex wife...if she was 5'2. gahhhhhhhhh damn she can have that lol
burned_grits burned_grits Jul 17, 2015
I love my Pink Chiffon. Everybody be telling me I be smelling like cotton candy