I won(plus size)

I won(plus size)

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😋🌊 By woogie1219 Updated Apr 09, 2016

Demar "Trigga" Jackson, his conceited vibe and hard exterior he's not the one you wanna bother.His personality screams power as it should.Known for being a big time drug lord in New Orleans.He and his team members distribute millions of drugs and bring in millions of dollars daily.

Malik who happens to be Kehlani's brothers bestfriend. He's like her since the very start, when she was 13 and he was 16. He also works aside her brother Jay who's also well known kingpin and just so  happens to break bread with Trigga.

Kehlani Martin is stunning, just not confident. She's the sister of a kingpin, crush of the right hand man and also the crush of one of the biggest Druglord running New Orleans. She doesn't even know it. With all these combined she's in for one hell of an experience.

This love triangle is something deep. Who will she choose?
After all the fights there's no better reward than to say I WON

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Geek_Sheek_21 Geek_Sheek_21 Mar 19, 2017
I'm 5'4 dat would look like a damn giant to meh but I like tall niggas so Hola Papi💦
derreanbootytom derreanbootytom Jan 27, 2017
Damn that nigga tall asf, big jolly green giant head ass😂😂
derayne derayne Feb 14, 2017
U kno wat.... I'm tired of everybody being taller than me I'm fücking 5.6 and ppl say I'm tall but then y u taller than me
                              I hate be looked down at
qveenmami1632 qveenmami1632 Jun 27, 2016
No lie if I were to see him I would start singing Green Giant. 😂
KayAnnette4 KayAnnette4 Mar 24, 2016
Damn 7 foot his Green Giant lookin ahh. Shrek wit no Fiona as of yet lookin ahh. Ahh so tall he look like a Giraffe lookin ahh. Fuckin_ Fe FI Fo Fum lookin ahh
Jasmine143mb Jasmine143mb Aug 04, 2016
She betta be somewhat tall too. 5'2 and 7'0 don't go too well together.