The Vampire at Hogwarts (George Weasley)

The Vampire at Hogwarts (George Weasley)

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Drusilla Dracula, the vampire queen, is at Hogwarts for the tri-wizard tournament, but no one knows who she is. She is hidden from the world. She is a mystery girl, but whos mystery girl?

Drusilla has forgotten how to love, and she believes that it is impossible for her to love anyone, but can a certain Weasley teach her how to love again?

I apologise if there are any mistakes.

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Dang I'm likin' this person more more and the book technically hasn't even sTARTED YET
DandyBrosack DandyBrosack Oct 11, 2016
So if you divide her age by the age she looks like and went by that it would be that she ages 1 year physically every 187.5 years. 🤔 damn.😕
Shanana0218 Shanana0218 Sep 01, 2016
I hope she's not a sparkly tampon like someone we all know. *cough* *cough* 
                              Edward *cough* *cough*
RoseTyler4 RoseTyler4 Oct 28, 2016
Hopefully she's not crazy *Thinks back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer*
DemigodMarauder DemigodMarauder Sep 01, 2016
The common burning of the skin that many people think of is actully polymorphic light eruption or PMLE i have it so my nic name is Vamp I hate it so much
hollatz04 hollatz04 Sep 29, 2016
Hey my twin what did I miss (only I got stuck with my 12 year old beautiful looks)