Obsession ManxBoy

Obsession ManxBoy

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deludedboy By deludedboy Updated Jan 31, 2017

"I know what you are Ryder." said Brent as he backed away from me. "you'll kill me like everyone else!"

"And why would I do that? I loved you when your parents didn't. I loved you while everyone at school bullied you, and when your friend stabbed you in the back." 

"Too bad I don't care about that anymore." He turned around to run from me.

Running away won't do anything. I'll do anything to be with him

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BTShip BTShip May 18, 2017
She's pretty and reminds of Preston somehow...sorry she just does
AzzGem AzzGem Oct 02, 2017
Creepy but romantic, stalkerish but into it, and have murder tendencies but cute. I'm conflicted!
AzzGem AzzGem Oct 02, 2017
Umm and you're cool with that? Shouldn't you...I don't know, do something!
CumWaffleDaddySquirt CumWaffleDaddySquirt Mar 06, 2017
I want this type of stalker. He's buying him food and i'm pretty sure it's the good stuff too, so if I had someone like this they could just take me. 
                              "Don't need to stalk no more, baby boo. Just keep the food coming~"
CumWaffleDaddySquirt CumWaffleDaddySquirt Mar 06, 2017
DAMN. You don't need to threaten me to eat something if it's cake