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Obsession ManxBoy

Obsession ManxBoy

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TØP AF By LikelyInsane Updated Jan 31

"I know what you are Ryder." said Brent as he backed away from me. "you'll kill me like everyone else!"

"And why would I do that? I loved you when your parents didn't. I loved you while everyone at school bullied you, and when your friend stabbed you in the back." 

"Too bad I don't care about that anymore." He turned around to run from me.

Running away won't do anything. I'll do anything to be with him

Juniper-Anne Juniper-Anne Sep 10, 2016
Lol. It's quirky comments like this that get to me, and really make me like an author's style. Most people wouldn't think to have a character be suspicious that their best friend bleaches their teeth, but it's thrown in there and I feel it lol
Sad_and_Irrelevant Sad_and_Irrelevant Jun 17, 2016
what the actual fuçk 😂. I read this cause A follower was so I didn't read the description but..
MrsAmazingdream7 MrsAmazingdream7 Aug 29, 2016
The only thing that got to me was the cake 😂 what a lovely stalker 😂
asriche asriche Oct 01, 2016
I would go on a date with someone I hate to test the note since I don't want someone I like to die
Sky_250 Sky_250 Mar 03, 2016
Omg dude I was scared for him!! Like"bitch!!! You called her fat!!!! Oooh you dead meat!!
captain_levi_lover1 captain_levi_lover1 Sep 29, 2016
sadly my best friend is like that and she doesn't joke around. She's like an obsessive girlfriend like I can't get away from her and she calls me everyday wanting to know what I'm doing and where I'm at. I'm not even allowed to talk to other people except for her.