Inazuma Eleven x Reader (request on hold)

Inazuma Eleven x Reader (request on hold)

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wanker By MintifiedSugar Updated Nov 24, 2016

#1 Do you want your request to take place in Inazuma Original Series or in Go Series?(for those who request a character from Original series)
example: Gouenji x reader (Original series)

#2 Do you want your plot to take place where you're already in a relationship or no?
example: Husband!Fubuki x Wife!Reader

#3 What type of character do you want?
example: Kidou x Neko!Reader(or vise versa)
Vampire!Fudou x Human!Reader(or vise versa)
Child!Kazemaru x Mother!Reader(or vise versa)
Teacher!Aphrodi x Student!Reader(or vise versa)
(mermaid, baby, wizard, magician, demon, wolf, fairy, rebellious, adult, etc...)

#4 What genre do you want?
example: Sad, Angst, Fluff, Lemon, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Song fic, Poetic, etc...

#5 Do you want a cross over?
example: Hikaru x Ghoul!Reader

#6 What situation do you want?
example: Tenma x Depressed!Reader(vise versa)
Kidou x Dying!Reader(vise versa)
Shindou x Ill!Reader(vise versa)
Aoyama x Blind!Reader(vise versa)
(deaf, mute, heart broken, etc...)

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Xianna2004 Xianna2004 Sep 02, 2016
I actually have a picture I edited a while back when I had the same question XD do you need it???
Xianna2004 Xianna2004 Aug 30, 2016
Do you still wonder what he looks like without his glasses author-san??
CelestiaStarlight CelestiaStarlight May 21, 2015
XD Hahahaha! Finally Minaho-kun! All you know is some detectives, cases and some mystery-related thingy! ^_^ Good thing you play soccer! XD
CelestiaStarlight CelestiaStarlight May 21, 2015
Haha, this is so adorable! XD Matatagi-kun is one of my fav characters, though he acts OOC here since he already has some blue highlights...not that I minded though! XD