"Truly His" (Boyxboy) - [ON HOLD]

"Truly His" (Boyxboy) - [ON HOLD]

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Eikiji By eikiji Updated Aug 25, 2015

An engineering student with a mind full of humor.
A super hot CEO with a mind of a pervert.
A world war III could erupt anytime now.

"I think my head has a big space. Like a hollow block. Things can fit inside my head fast."

"Then the hole between your butt can accomodate my dick!"


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EveisRossome EveisRossome Mar 08, 2018
Roses are red
                              Cactus are prickly
                              Holy sh-
                              That escalated quickly 😂
soliersophiuty soliersophiuty Sep 10, 2017
The leg part is true...but the ca't-sweep-you-off part isn't ever coming true for me. #foreversingle
DeStyles24 DeStyles24 Dec 27, 2016
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KisaHiroki KisaHiroki Jan 17, 2017
oh my god!  the heck i didnt found this book sooner? how come i missed it?
- - Mar 06, 2017
That last last sentence made my day and it sobhappend to be a school day.
camerashy90 camerashy90 Jul 23, 2016