Levi x Reader Oneshots

Levi x Reader Oneshots

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JanneANR By JanneANR Updated Jun 11, 2015

You came in the gates once again.

Your friends had died in the hands of the titans... and you..

"Its my fault... its my fault.. They gave their lives for me.." you say alone in your room.

They were killed because of you!

Everythings your fault!

You should die so they can stop!

Your conscience was really getting you

You looked at your blades, a beautiful arrangement of very shiny blades.

You hand picked the dullest one.

But even if it was the dullest one, it doesn't deny the fact that it would still cut your skin.

You pointed it at your wrist.

"Th-they died because of me.."

You began to cut your skin. Careful not to cut too deep

The pain has completely satisfied you, but your wrist was bleeding.

Its not enough!

Thats not the REAL pain!

Your conscience kept on bugging you and you cutted 4 times.

You breathed heavily while aiding your wrist.


"Cadet (l/n), you will be cleaning the cafeteria." Corporal orders.

You nod and salute, and made your wa...

ThatOneLmao ThatOneLmao May 14
Was he hanging out with me too much.... 'Cuz this is my attitude...
nenko231 nenko231 Jul 17
I'm supposed to be serious but I read that in the sponge bob 'MY LEG' voice and lost it!!
Bless your soul my child... Oh wait I don't know you never mind the blessing
Parents be like: That's because you on yo phone the whole time!
Aw, Author should have wrote it "AHHH!!! MY LEG!!!!" 😂😂😂
*licks lips while making slurping sounds*
                                                        perfection 👌