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Harry Potter One Shots [Closed]

Harry Potter One Shots [Closed]

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Andrea Montes By catalan_andrea Completed

Harry Potter One shots from Hogwarts. Do you wonder what it would be like to for you to attend Hogwarts? 

I accept requests, just comment your character and the boy you wish to be in the one shot.

mangofluffypuppy mangofluffypuppy Mar 01, 2016
Can I request one?  If you're too busy that is fine, thanks! :)
NurImanz NurImanz Jan 14
Name: Athena Hide
                              Family: Cousin of Rose Weasley
                              Blood type: Pureblood
                              Guy: Teddy Lupin
                              Harry's kids generation
                              House: Hufflepuff
                              Year:  same as Teddy
                              Scenario: Fine with anything [as long as its happy]
Mariculousfan Mariculousfan Dec 09, 2016
                              Harry Potter the new Generation. 
                              Name : Mallory Malfoy
                              Family : Sister of Scorpius
                              Guy : Albus Severus Potter
                              Blood : Pure
                              House : Slytherin
                              Plot : Surprise me
VioletHusky07 VioletHusky07 Oct 19, 2015
Victoria Jones
                              Family : Eleanor and Paul Jones
                              Violet Jones ( younger sister , Hufflepuff )
                              Blood : Half veela
                              Boy : James Potter
                              House : Gryffindor
                              Marauders era
Samantha Evans 
                              Family:Lily,mr and Mrs. Evans,petunia 
                              Blood:Muggle born 
                              Boy:Sirius black 
                              Marauders era
VioletHusky07 VioletHusky07 Oct 18, 2015
Name : Violet Stone
                              Family : Amy and Brad Stone ( Muggles )
                              Jacob Vance ( wizard cousin )
                              Jane and John Vance ( witch aunt ) and wizard uncle
                              Blood : Muggle born
                              Best friend : Lily Evans
                              Animagus : Red Fox ( a.k.a Scarlet )
                              Boy : Sirius Black
                              Marauders Era