[E d i t i n g]Knife through the Heart. ( Black butler x Readers x ohshc )

[E d i t i n g]Knife through the Heart. ( Black butler x Readers x ohshc )

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Bakudad By Basically_Bakugou Updated Mar 07, 2017

Y/N, the greatest assassin in all of England, has a dark secret. whenever she takes off her pendant, bad things start to happen.

But after the Earl Phantomhive asks her to stay with him after she ran into him, she indulges in the social world she set out to destroy. But soon, she found herself kidnapped by the Earl Trancy,  who removed her memory of Ciel and his Butler. 

But what happens when her child Hood friends Hikaru and Kaoru come back into the picture, and bring a club of boys with them!? can she keep her assassin side hidden, along with the secret that lies in her special necklace?
Not if her brother keeps butting in...

(endings for, Sebastian, Ciel, Finny, tamaki,  the twins, and honey)

thanks for reading!! I own nothing except the plot of the story and my OCs!

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Anxious_Being Anxious_Being Nov 14, 2017
Hi my name is haruhi fujioka and you need to kiss kiss fall in 
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- - May 31, 2016
The description has the name Hikaru and my oc name is Hikari dear God xD
_Yandere__Queen_ _Yandere__Queen_ Jun 29, 2016
Guys I would like to ask if anyone has seen my soul? It's really black and full of sin. If found please contact my mobile at 6666 6666 666
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Grey is literally my favourite colour. Then navy blue, closely followed by black (like my soul that I have lost. Plz let me know if you find my soul, it's been missing for a while.)
qetuo12345 qetuo12345 Jan 08, 2017
Everyone but me: FANCY TUNA!!!
                              Me: MANGA MY BABY!!!
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