The Girl That Couldn't Feel(1)

The Girl That Couldn't Feel(1)

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(Sherlock Holmes)

**Does not follow story line of BBC Sherlock**

Hazel Malvin was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, until an unfortunate accident that left Her emotionless. She would fake it for others, but soon enough people found out and they labels her as a sociopath. People thought she was crazy. She was put in asylum and left to solitude. No one talked to her. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, just stared into the abis. All thoughts off normal life had left her, so did her Beauty. There was no hope left until someone came along, with the name of Sherlock Holmes. The one that will try to make her feel.

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Aluxandra Aluxandra Jul 10, 2017
so she CAN feel, but since you all are so stupid and annoying she feels nothing but hate
ronni-lenore ronni-lenore Jun 28, 2016
Jhon ....or someone else unrelated to the story taking her to an unknown location till she meets mr holmes