Lirry Stayne Family

Lirry Stayne Family

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Liam and Harry have been married for five years. They just couldn't help but fall in love.

Liam was the strict one. He was papa, he never laid a hand on his children, but he did discipline them.

Harry was the sweet and kind one. He was daddy, and he spoiled his children; and sometimes that caused problems with Liam.

Louis Stayne was the oldest. He was three, and loved the world. He and Liam were extremely close. He preferred Liam to Harry, but he knew one thing: he loves his parents and his baby brother, and is extremely protective of him.

Zayn was the youngest at four months old. He can't do very much, but he absolutely loves his brother and his parents and his toys.

When Harry and Liam decide to adopt fifteen year old Niall, how will things go?

Niall desperately wants to be adopted as he's been in and out of orphanages since he was two and his parents gave him up. They dropped him at the orphanage first chance they got, and he never saw them again. He would get fostered only to be returned the next day. Now, thirteen years later and Niall has his walls up afraid to get hurt. Can Harry and Liam knock down those walls, and prove to him that he is loved and wanted?

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This sounds like the beginning of a great story! You should really write it!