Passion Pain Pleasure and Rejection (Discontinued) [Boyxboy] [Werewolf] [Mpreg]

Passion Pain Pleasure and Rejection (Discontinued) [Boyxboy] [Werewolf] [Mpreg]

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Erotica Bitch™ By lilmizzapplez Updated Dec 23, 2017

His dark, raven hair always tempted me to touch. His lips, an ever puckered pink, smacked every time I looked his way. I needed him, desired him, I loved him. Nothing mattered in the world. He completed me. But he was forbidden, out of my league, a definite no, no. 

Jovan Asher is my high school crush. He's what you'd ever want in a boyfriend. Smart, talented and he's the future alpha of the Dark Moon Pack. I'm a part of his pack, watching him from from a distance, wishing I was in his girlfriend's shoes. 

How did I end up pregnant with his pups, to have them taken away by force? Raped and alone, I started over, building a new family, moving on and erasing the past. 

I ran away, joined a new pack and forgot all about Jovan. But what do you think happens when you're apart of his rival pack and currently fucking his arch nemesis?

**Currently undergoing major editing.**

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