Steal My Heart

Steal My Heart

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Malia Jameson is just a normal girl. Well, that's what she thought. 

She is always moving around with her grandmother from town to town, never getting to stay in one place long enough to even acknowledge the change. She has never known why they have to move around so much, her grandmother always said that she just loves to travel. But she knows that's not why they move so much. They have never stayed in one town for more than six months. Well, that is until she meets someone that will change her life forever. 

Well, not willingly of course.

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GiveMeAttentionPls GiveMeAttentionPls Jul 12, 2017
I don't usually comment because I'm to busy reading so sorry if I forget but I'll try to comment
Uni_Potato96 Uni_Potato96 Mar 21, 2017
So let me tell you about this story I wrote................................ Lmao jkjk I just had to😳
I-Love-Me-Too I-Love-Me-Too Dec 30, 2017
I remember the first time I saw a 3rd person POV and I literally was just like what the hell is this and I went to a different book so right now I’m glad that this you actually have good sense🙄🍕🍕🍕👌
Zauberbrunnen Zauberbrunnen Aug 24, 2017
This are so good news!
                              I hate to read or write stories in 3rd person
UpAndDownGirl UpAndDownGirl Mar 13, 2016
If something happened to my family
                              I would die with them ... But if it was just my parents I would have to stay becAuse I have 5 other siblings and I love them more than myself
seyyora seyyora Oct 29, 2015
Why isn't there any comments?? I mean this first chapter was good