The Unforsaken

The Unforsaken

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Riley A By AFoxAteMySocks Updated Feb 15, 2015

‘I stepped forward from the shadows, a cat like hiss escaping my throat. The leach whipped around snarling, blood covering its face, the tips of its crimson covered fangs just showing. Hatred of this foul creature shot through me as I took a step closer. 

The leach matched my step, also stepping forward. Stepping forward to be bathed in moonlight, and in that instant our eyes locked and I froze, so did the leach. I struggled to breathe as I looked into those eyes, golden eyes, tinted with crimson red. I couldn't look away, as for the reason why? I couldn't tell you for the life of me.’

Jessica Rosewood is a normal every day 16 year old girl, she goes to school, hangs out at the beach
and the shops with her friends. She is normal, except for the fact that she lives in a castle and her parents are the king and queen of the warrior angels, the most powerful race on earth.

Dante Baptist is an 18 year old vampire with a tortured past, his mother died giving birth to him
and he was moved from foster home to foster home; never truly fitting in. He has done many wrongs throughout his life, blood covers his hands from the lives he has taken, the souls he's sucked dry.

But what will happen when they come face to face, one born to protect those weak and defenseless and
the other born to kill and feed off living beings. They should be trying to kill each other right?

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