I have always noticed you.

I have always noticed you.

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paperfangirls By paperfangirls Completed

First book in the I Have Always Noticed You series

Dan tries to keep to the shadows and away from everyone else. But Phil sees him and doesn't want him to be alone. 
What will happen when their two worlds collide, will it be beautiful? Or will it crash and burn?

-Trigger warning-

fangirlday fangirlday Nov 07, 2016
"and a gust of wind blew in a boy"
                              Yes Phil, you are the wind.
AmusingKiersten AmusingKiersten Dec 25, 2016
Its awesome but I would like you to continue the story please
aesthetic_howell_ aesthetic_howell_ Oct 24, 2016
Am I the only one imagining him in slow motion walking inside with angel wings, angelic singing in the backround
                              Oh okay
the_whisk_Dan_fears the_whisk_Dan_fears Nov 08, 2016
I bet that 'someone' is Chris <333333...
                              They sexted all night
GracieZangrilli GracieZangrilli Dec 10, 2016
This better not be sad because I just got done with reading another one called a boy from the north and I am not ready for this
larry_asf_hoe larry_asf_hoe Dec 13, 2016
I have Algebra support, biology,German,Dramatic arts,Literature, personal fitness, and then algebra at the end